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Amanda Rivera

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Amanda Rivera

My Introduction to dog training is dedicated to my bernedoodle: Persephone aka Persey. Persey’s bad behavior not only prompted me to get her a dog trainer but ultimately introduced me to my husband! My foray into dog training I can only describe as proof of God’s greater plan for my life! 

I found Absolute Canine by getting lost on a back road while returning to my full-time job at a local greenhouse. I happened to drive by the sign on the road and later looked up Absolute Canine. When I saw Sean Rivera’s long list of accomplishments and that he offered an apprenticeship dog trainer program I knew I had to contact him. Persey and I studied with Sean for over a year until varying circumstances and life got in the way of our study. However, by this time Persey was a very well-behaved girl! 

In the year that followed I continued to work with dogs in varying capacities. I was a dog walker, boarded dogs, went to grooming school, and continued to train dogs. However, I didn’t feel truly fulfilled in what I was doing. I wanted to elevate my understanding of dog training and commit to dog training full time. Serendipitously, Sean & I re-connected and the rest is history! 

Amanda Rivera

We were married on September 19, 2020 and I am now fully immersed in all things relating to dog training and business here at Absolute Canine. I am proud to be a husband & wife team as dog trainers and small business owners. I am a dog mom to 3 doodles, a Malinois and German Shepherd. I am also a girl mom! We welcomed our beautiful daughter into our lives on July 4th 2023!

Dog training is psychologically, emotionally, and at times, physically demanding. Dog training has provided me an avenue to continue my interest in psychology; I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Franklin & Marshall College, which has continued to serve me as I continue to learn and study the art of dog training. Dog training is a nuanced art that requires humility, vulnerability, and sensitivity. Dog training has taught me so much about myself and continues to allow me to learn & grow each and every day, which I am truly grateful for! Dog training is a FULL- time job. There are no days off in dog training! Rain, shine, snow, heat, training is happening! I’m forever thankful for my upbringing as a greenhouse gal! Plants, dogs, they all need constant care, which I am happy to provide 

At present, I have been training dogs full-time in our pet obedience programs & dog sport for the past 3 years.  I am looking forward to training & competing in IGP. I am excited to see what the future holds for our family, dogs, & business! 

I look forward to serving you, your dog, and my Absolute Canine community to the best of my ability for years to come! 

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