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Canine Training

Canine training is the cornerstone of a lasting, healthy relationship between a dog and its owner. The goal of our programs is to influence and educate each dog and its family for successful, symbiotic living. 

Our training programs create an effective means of communication between you and your dog. Your dog will learn:

Our training is balanced, operant-based and utilizes a marker system.

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Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Services Offered


We believe the evaluation process is a great way for us to ascertain which of our programs will best fit you and your dog! 

More Information:

 We believe every dog is an individual and therefore time and consideration must be taken to create a plan that will best suit their individual needs and yours. 

 An evaluation is a great way for you to meet and interact with us, plus see our beautiful property and facility. 

It is a great time to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Services Offered

Evaluation Inclusions

Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Individual Classes

Puppy Obedience Foundation

Available for puppies starting at 8 weeks through 6 months of age! 

Private 1:1 classes at our facility in New Hope, PA 

8 session-package: Training is 1:1 for 45 minutes – 1 hour. 

Sessions are sold in packages of 8 sessions and the concepts and principles taught within these sessions continue to build on one another until all facets of our obedience system are complete.    

Available for puppies starting at 8 weeks through 6 months of age! 

Services Offered

Puppy Obedience Inclusions

Absolute Canine
Individual Classes

On-Leash Obedience Foundation

Private, 1:1 training sessions at our facility in New Hope

 Available for dogs 6 months and older 

8-session package: 

Training is 1:1 for 45 minutes – 1 hour. Sessions are sold in packages of 8 sessions and the concepts and principles taught within these sessions continue to build on one another until all facets of our obedience system are complete. 

Individual Classes

On-Leash Obedience Inclusions

Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Individual Classes

Sport Dog Training– IGP, AKC, Police, Etc.

We offer private 1:1 classes for all three phases of IGP whether you are competing at the club, regional, national, or world level

We offer evaluations for your current dog’s suitability for the sport.

We offer tailored board & train programs where we can prepare your dog for competition in dog sports. 

Ask about our future IGP plans and get involved with our upcoming IGP club! The club will be located at our beautiful property in New Hope PA.

Individual Classes

More About Sport Dog Training

Absolute Canine

I can hear one of my greatest teachers and mentors (T. Floyd) saying this to me over 3 decades ago: 

“IGP dog sport is without a doubt one of the best avenues to learning & understanding dog training.”

Dog sports offers a training platform where the trainer/handler must perform with their dog in three separate phases of training & behavior. The phases are tracking obedience, and protection.  Each phase is judged while the handler and dog perform multiple exercises within that specific phase.  Each phase has specific rules that are unique to that phase.  The rules make it challenging, which keeps the playing field equal. All participants are accountable to those rules including the judge who must deduct points when a rule is violated. Points are also deducted when an exercise lacks performance skill. It’s not only about the exercises being completed, but how they are being completed is also important. Having to perform these exercises within each phase requires a lot of skill and discipline. It requires a knowing of the dog’s genetics, temperament, drives, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc.  

One of my favorite benefits of dog sport is that it allows you to maximize the dog’s potential! We and our dogs all have great potential within us & them that is waiting to be tapped into! Another great benefit of this type of platform is that it puts pressure on the dog, which ultimately reveals certain characteristics and attributes that are either favorable or unfavorable. This is why it’s an excellent breed suitability test for the working dog. In fact, it was originally purposed to be a breed suitability test that was used to develop specific working breeds like the German Shepherd Dog. Many other breeds have also found great benefits from this breed suitability test. The Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Doberman, Schnauzer, etc. have all benefited from this testing. Other breed suitability tests are effective, but IGP has proven to be TOP over many decades. It’s growing and evolving! The sport has become so competitive that it forces trainers to become more skilled and breed better dogs. It’s a win-win situation for humans & canine!

Absolute Canine is able to offer this type of class and instruction because Sean Rivera has actually been there and done it! Please refer to his bio for his list of accomplishments & achievements!

Absolute Canine
Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Individual Classes

Service & Therapy Dog Training

Allow us to help you achieve the vision for your dog that goes beyond just a pet companion!

Dogs are purposeful beings and service dogs offer many physical and emotional benefits to their human handlers

Although different from service dogs; therapy dogs also offer invaluable benefits to the communities that they are involved in with their work.

Individual Classes

More About Service & Therapy Dog Training

Absolute Canine

Consult with us to help you find the most appropriate dog for your specific needs. Let us evaluate your current dog for its suitability as a service dog/therapy dog. We will prepare you and your dog for the service dog public access test

We will teach you the tools and concepts you need to get your dog to pass the therapy dog test with flying colors! We offer 1:1 private classes & board & training to help you achieve the vision you have for your dog. These packages are custom and tailored to your specific needs! Please contact us for further information.

Absolute K-9

Academy Day School

Absolute Canine - Canine Training

Available to any client who has completed a training package with us! 


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Additional Services

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Grooming services are offered for current clients only! 

Contact for pricing & availability.


Experience worry-free pet boarding with us. Your furry friend will receive attentive care, comfortable accommodations, and plenty of playtime in a safe and nurturing environment.