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The birth of my professional career began with an important phone call.  The call came from the chair of the Criminal Justice Department during my junior year at The College of New Jersey. The Chair asked me if I had interest in doing an internship with New Jersey State Police K-9 Unit as part of a requirement for graduation.  

My answer was simple, where and when do I get started.  From an early age, I loved dogs and knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Working closely with Lieutenant and Police K9 handler Anne Marie Grant, I completed the internship.  Shortly after, I started my own business as a professional dog trainer.

I am the founder and CEO of Absolute Canine, a full service dog training company located in New Hope, PA.  We have successfully serviced our community, dog sport professionals and enthusiasts, as well as law enforcement for over 25 years! 

Sean Rivera - CEO of Absolute K-9 | Professional Dog Trainer
Absolute Canine

Accomplishments & Highlights

I am currently competitive in the sport of IPO. Some of my highlights include:

Sean Rivera - CEO of Absolute K-9 | Professional Dog Trainer
Sean Rivera - CEO of Absolute K-9 | Professional Dog Trainer

Remarkable Achievements and Standout Moments

Dog training accomplishments and highlights encompass the significant achievements and standout moments in a dog trainer’s career. These achievements demonstrate the trainer’s expertise, dedication, and ability to positively impact both dogs and their owners.

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Amanda Rivera


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Jessica Brawn

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