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Board & Train Program

Allow your dog to be immersed in a program where the foundation is taught by an experienced professional trainer! The board & train program is our most comprehensive program and produces the best results! Your dog will receive the best education in order to live their best life with you and your family!

Absolute Canine

Beginner Puppy Board & Train

for puppies between 8 – 12 weeks and 12-16 weeks

board and train program for your dog at Absolute Canine

This program is designed to help you ease into the transition of life with a new puppy! A new puppy is one of the most exciting and adorable things to experience in life. However, a new puppy brings a lot of challenges and changes to your daily life. It may not be ideal to have to get up at 3 am to potty your new puppy, or try to soothe a puppy who is barking non-stop in his/her crate.

Working a full-time job may not allow you to take the puppy out as frequently during the day as he/she needs. Whatever challenge you may face it should not inhibit you from owning the puppy that you desire! Therefore, we are here to help! Our professional training experience and years of puppy raising will allow us to aid you in starting off your new puppy’s little life on the right paw.

Customized board and train puppy program! This program consists of the puppy staying with us for a minimum of 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

In this program we cover:

Absolute Canine

Puppy Board & Train

for puppies 16 – 24 weeks

board and train programs at Absolute Canine

The purpose of this program is to assist you in the early phases of puppy raising and training. Your puppy will be introduced to desired experiences, behaviors and training at an impressionable age. This program will create a solid foundation for obedience, emotional fitness, positive environmental experiences and socialization for your puppy with dogs and people. In this time frame the puppy will learn everything mentioned above and we will be laying the foundation.

Therefore, the puppy will learn from a very skilled hand! This pattern has produced the best results because the training the puppy receives can be translated and taught to you at the ideal time. The focus becomes you and what you need to know and learn vs. you and the puppy learning at the same time. All that the puppy has been taught you will learn in multiple follow up sessions with us once the program is complete.

Advantages of this puppy program include:

Absolute Canine

Basic On-Leash Obedience

For dogs 6 months and older

board and train programs at Absolute Canine
For your dog to receive the best education in order to live their best life with you and your family! This program is the foundation for education necessary for all obedience moving forward. All learning and training will take place and be accomplished “on leash” – at this time your leash is your umbilical cord to the dog.

More Information:

Absolute Canine

Basic On-leash Obedience + Advanced Off-leash Obedience

For dogs 6 mos +

board and train programs at Absolute Canine

This program builds on all the commands and principles taught in our on-leash program by incorporating the e-collar as an invisible leash to replace the physical leash. The e-collar is not used to teach any commands but is utilized as reinforcement of the dogs understanding of the commands. This means that the off-leash recall will be extremely reliable under pressure or distractions. A well-trained dog should always “come” when called no matter what. All of the trained “stays” and heeling will be trained off-leash as well! This training allows for a better experience for both you and the dog because you aren’t limited to the confines of the leash. Remember when the dog is on leash so are you, haha!

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