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Personal Protection

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Personal Protection

Purchasing a personal protection dog for your family can be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

A personal protection dog can be a companion, support, worker, guardian, and most important a family member!  The role of a personal protection dog is so multifaceted you will need a dog with a clear mind and solid temperament.  A clear-headed, well tempered protection dog has nothing holding them back when it comes to serving and loving their family.  A personal protection dog should not have to be put away when people, friends, family, strangers are around.  A protection dog is around regardless of whatever the circumstance. 

Remember, the bad guy or a bad situation doesn’t come in a predictable manner. The bad guy could be a service man, neighbor, friends, random person, etc.  In some cases the bad guy will act very friendly or it may be someone you “thought” you trusted and the dog is behind a closed door or in a cage he/she can’t come to the rescue.  Therefore,  in order to always be ready you need a dog that is readily accessible.  When the dog has a good temperament he/she can be by your side or within calling distance at all times.

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What we’ve found is that the personal protection dog provides peace of mind. The bad guy will choose to target someone else, especially if they see you have a dog, let alone a trained dog.  Criminals flow like water looking for the easiest path, but having a trained dog will certainly make things A LOT more difficult and they know that.

Personal Protection

So what’s the process?  How do I get started? I bet these are questions you’re asking.  Get started by reaching out and speaking to us about who you are, what’s your story, and what exactly you’re looking for.  We want to get to know you and your story and provide you with exactly what you need.  We can also provide assistance in determining the best path for your specific situation.  We have extensive experience selling dogs to individuals, families, businesses, police, dog sport enthusiasts, and so many more. 

The process for purchasing a personal protection dog is very simple.

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