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Are you looking for the dream dog?

A healthy, intelligent, fun, confident, and courageous canine companion! Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let us assist you in making your canine dreams come true! Whether it be the dog you dreamed of as a child or something you envision for you and the family, we can make it all come true. With many years of experience and countless relationships with excellent breeders we can find you the best dog and train her/him to your specific liking.
Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Absolute Canine - Canine Training
Absolute K-9

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trained dog for sale at Absolute Canine

The first step in getting things started is to clearly articulate and write down your vision. Then when we speak we can discuss the right breed and temperament for your specific needs. There are many variables that play into each situation so we can help you organize and plan for the best dog ever.

Before you choose a dog let us help in selecting the right dog for you, your situation, and your family. Once we’ve made a decision and agree on the dog and steps moving forward the search begins! We will keep you posted on what we’ve located thus far and also send video of potentials for you and the family. It’s a really exciting time when you know that you’re only moments from getting the dog you ALWAYS dreamed of.

Once you have chosen the dog you’d like to see in person we will have the dog shipped and ready for a meet and greet! If all goes well you have just purchased the DREAM DOG!
We look forward to hearing from you and ultimately assisting you in this process.

Sometimes we already have dogs for sale! View our available trained dogs for sale, and you won’t have to look any further 🙂